Local Initiatives
Tourism Event Funding

Discover Siskiyou loves to promote and advertise all of the amazing assets our community has to offer a tourist. We also recognize that there are amazing projects happening within each individual community in Siskiyou that works to achieve and increase overnight stays. In the FY 2019/20, Discover Siskiyou has committed $65,000 in budget to reinvest in the tourism marketing activities within individual communities through a competitive application process. Learn more by downloading the current Fiscal Year 2019/20 Application Packet below.

The application window for Fiscal Year 2019/20 is opening July 1, 2019-August 31, 2019!

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On May 7th and June 10th Discover Siskiyou staff will be hosting workshops for Local Initiatives Applicants to learn more about the application processes and to answer specific questions that might pertain to your specific event.

Take a look at our events calendar for more details.

Available Funding Amounts

Each jurisdiction is eligible to receive a maximum amount of funding per one application that is the equivalent percentage to that community’s contribution to Discover Siskiyou’s revenue.

The Fiscal Year 19/20 approved budget has dedicated $65,000 for Local Initiatives to be distributed as follows, contingent on approved applications.

  • County: $20,150

  • Yreka: $17,550

  • Mt. Shasta: $15,600

  • Weed: $8,450

  • Small Cities/Dunsmuir: $3,250