Looking for digital assets?  We have photos, videos, and digital assets that can be used to market your business!  We know how important beautiful imagery is to marketing your business and establishing a quality brand.  We want to make that easier by sharing the assets that Discover Siskiyou collects for marketing.  If you are looking for something specific that you can’t find, please reach out to niki@discoversiskiyou.com. Stakeholders are welcome to use photos and videos from this toolkit in their marketing efforts, but Discover Siskiyou reserves the right to request content removal if used inappropriately. 

Video Assets

Raw Clips

These are short video clips for use in marketing materials. For guidance on how to use these clips, contact us and we'll help you out.

Siskiyou Videos.png

Siskiyou Snapshots

Short, edited pieces showcasing Siskiyou's amazing adventures, locations, and hidden gems.
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Photo Assets

These photos will look great in your marketing materials showcasing Siskiyou. They're broken up in the four Siskiyou regions. For guidance on how to use these photos, contact us and we'll help you out.

Siskiyou Images.png