Marketing Recap - County District 1

Here is a summary of marketing activities and collaborations from the 2018/19 Fiscal Year in Siskiyou County District 1:

District 1 activities & Partnerships


 Dorris/Tulelake/Lava Beds National Park

Local Initiatives Funding

$5,000 to Art of Survival bike ride and gravel grinder

In Kind Donations for the AOS ride included radio coverage on KFBK Morning News in Sacramento, paid social media advertising and promotion for AOS ride – valued at $2500+

 Print Advertising

·       USA TODAY: Lava Beds featured in a USA Today California and Pacific Northwest Travel Section this month through October in both content and ad buy

·       USA TODAY: Lava Beds will be featured in the National Parks & Monuments travel section and elevated with ad buy in same issue – May 2020

·       Visit CA ad buy in annual guide – promotion of Lava Beds in image, listing and extended listing on Modoc Audio Tour

·       Collier Kiosk poster

 Active PR Pitches (Since July 1, 2019 when we took PR in house)

·       Volcanoes you can visit and explore in the US (Medicine Lake Volcano & Mt. Shasta)

·       The Ultimate Hiking Holiday Spot in the US

·       Unconventional Fall Travel Ideas (pitched world class birdwatching)

·       Best Road Trips in the United States (Volcanic Legacy Scenic Byway)

 Social Media Influencers

Have sent several influencers to District 1, including Josh McNair of California Through My Lens and a pair of birding influencers called the Hipster Birders, as well as influencer named Kate Loweth of Red Tricycle - a bay area magazine editor who went with her kids through Dorris and the Lava Beds on a family-friendly tour through Siskiyou. Worked with Sacramento-based influencer Michael Kahn in August to plan a trip through the Lava Beds, Glass Mountain, and Medicine Lake as part of a publicity road trip with Toyota USA.

Rack Cards

Represented East county in 9 of 10 rack cards (only exception is waterfalls)

 Additional Projects/Regional Partnership Projects

·       Creation of Modoc Audio Tour – with 200 dedicated hours

·       Participation in east county Bike Maps

 Photo/Video Assets

Juanita Lake, Lava Beds (caves & Modoc sites), Slice of Heaven, Dorris flagpole and City Hall, Senor Tequilas,  plus four siskiyou snapshots - birding in the Klamath Basin, Dorris Rodeo, a day in Dorris and a day in Tulelake

 Discover Siskiyou Original Blog Posts

Featured Dorris, Tulelake, Tennant and Macdoel (and the 97 and volcanic legacy highway) in several blog posts & social media in both Get Inspired and Everyday Adventures  (this list is not exhaustive):,,,

 Regional Representation

East County is now represented in the Visit Siskiyou Guide and Shasta Cascade (no or very limited coverage previously) - (Note: these are not produced by Discover Siskiyou, but our staff was active in getting Siskiyou represented in these publications).

 Social Media

Images from the region are featured on Discover Siskiyou’s Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter accounts regularly with links to relevant activities and lodging properties.

Upcoming in 2020:

·       Motorcycle rides through area will be supported in ROADRUNNER app & print buys

·       National speleological convention that would bring perhaps as many as 1000 people into east county for a visit.


Local Initiatives Funding

$15K local initiative funding for Mountain Talks

 Group Travel

·       Confirmed for 2020: At least three confirmed Road Scholars tour visits will be starting from McCloud (this would be up to four tours with groups of up to 24 seniors coming through). The relationship with Road Scholars was formed by Discover Siskiyou staff at a Shasta Cascade conference in 2018.

·       Site of Outdoor Writers Association of California marketplace/opening reception and well represented on tours – including McCloud Hotel, Reservoir, Axe & Rose, McCloud Falls


·       Featured in Stern Grove/SF Weekly & Examiner, co-op ad arranged by Discover Siskiyou

·       Featured in Outside Magazine, co-op ad arranged by Discover Siskiyou

 Social Media Influencers

Several influencers, including Josh McNair, Kate Loweth

 PR Pitches

·       Little-Known Travel Destinations for a Romantic Getaway

·       The most amazing honeymoons for the adventurous couples

·       Unique Festivals That You Can’t Miss (television pitch – Mushroom Fest)

·       Fairy Tale Weddings (pitch was accepted)

·       The Best Domestic & International Destinations for 2019

           Discover Siskiyou Original Blog Posts

Numerous plog Posts (here are a few recents; not an exhaustive list):


Photo/Video Assets

·       Property shoots for McCloud Hotel, McCloud Mercantile, McCloud Guest House, and Downtown McCloud

·       Video snapshots: Mushroom Festival, Victorian Christmas, Waterfalls


Rack Card Features

Craft Drinks

·       Siskiyou Brew Works – McCloud

Dog-Friendly Hikes & Parks (& Restaurants)

  • Siskiyou Brew Works – McCloud

  • Clearwater Coffee & Kitchen – McCloud

Scenic Drives

  • McCloud River Loop

Family Adventure

  • McCloud River Falls Trail – McCloud

  • The McCloud Candy Store – McCloud


  • McCloud Falls

Historic Hotspots

  • Downtown McCloud

  • Heritage Junction Museum – McCloud

Fishing Rack Card

·       McCloud River

·       McCloud Reservoir

Siskiyou Economic Development