Marketing Recap - County District 2

Here is a summary of marketing activities and collaborations from the 2018/19 Fiscal Year in Siskiyou County District 2:

District 2 activities & Partnerships

Mount Shasta/Dunsmuir

Local Initiatives Funding

·       $5,000 local initiatives + $2,500 in kind support of the Siskiyou Science Festival based out of Mount Shasta

·       $5,000 awarded in local initiatives funding to Mt. Shasta Ski Park for Enduro Event series


Other Event Grant Support (pre-local initiatives program):

·       $5,000 awarded to Best of Mount Shasta for securing key talent

·       $5,000 spent on advertising with the Mount Shasta Chamber’s 4th of July


Print/Digital Advertising

·       Active “Shasta Is Calling” Google ads display campaign

·       Collier Rest Area kiosk poster

·       $1,500 radio ad buy promoting “Just off  I5” Collier Campaign

·       Major representation in Pinkbike Co-op with Bike Shasta and the Mt. Shasta Ski Park

·       Mt. Shasta Ski Park participated with Outside Magazine print/digital ad

·       Mt. Shasta and Dunsmuir (LOGE, Mt. Shasta Resort, Inn at Mount Shasta & Railroad Park) participated in 2 Co-ops with SF Examiner and SF Weekly – Warren Miller and Stern Grove Inserts

·       Lake Siskiyou Camp Resort and Railroad Park resort co-op in Camp CA RV annual guide (Railroad Park participating in 2020 buy as well)


Group Travel/Conferences

·       Hosted the Outdoor Writers of CA Conference at the Mount Shasta Resort – close to $40,000 investment


Secured PR (last two months)

·       VISIT CA - Featuring Mount Shasta and lake Siskiyou, including in their new campaign video and Mt. Shasta featured on Visit California Homepage

·       KOA.COM: Sisson Museum featured as a museum right off the interstate

·       YOURTANGO.COM: Say “I Do” on a volcano

· – Siskiyou article featuring spots around Mt. Shasta


Active Pitches (Sent in last two months)

·       Mt. Shasta Resort to Orbitz for “Hotels with unique spa treatments”

·       Lake Siskiyou Camp Resort for “Relaxing Lakeside Resorts”

·       Mt. Shasta for “Interesting 4th of July Traditions” for the Washington Post

·       Mt. Shasta for “Volcanoes you can visit and explore in the US”

·       Best places in the US for a hiking holiday

·       Mt. Shasta Ski Park for one of “the most unique wedding venues in America”

·       FREE Attractions and Museums within 5 minutes of the Interstate


Social Media Influencers

·       Influencers – multiple social media influencers have stayed in Mount Shasta & Dunsmuir, including Josh McNair (4.5 million travelers book off of his sites), Bay Area-based Kate Loweth (specifically attended railroad days, railroad park resort, lake siskiyou, hedge creek, etc.), Sacramento-based Michael Kahn, Tammy Strobel, and others.

·       Zach Petersen (Mountain Biking) – Sisson-Callahan Trail YouTube – co-buy with Shasta Gravity Adventures

·       Upcoming influencers: Susy Schieffelin (spiritual travel) that will also highlight Castle Rock water  & Kyle Loves Tori – adventure wedding photographers/full-time RVers featuring scenic wedding/engagement party venues in Siskiyou




Photo/Video Assets

·       Dedicated photo shoots with Pusher, Inc. at Lake Siskiyou Camp Resort, Inn At Mt. Shasta, Best Western Tree House, Mt. Shasta Resort, Mt. Shasta Ski Park

·       Mt. Shasta featured currently in at least six Siskiyou Snapshots (Backcountry Adventure, Mt. Shasta Ski Park, A Day at the Mt Shasta Resort, Trail Town Days, Paragliding and Mountain biking)

·       Dunsmuir featured in three Siskiyou Snapshots: Waterfalls, Railroad Park Days, A Day at the River in Dunsmuir


Discover Siskiyou Blog Posts

Coverage from last two months:

·       Mt. Shasta

·       Mt. Shasta

·       Dunsmuir, Mt. Shasta

·       Mt. Shasta

·       Dunsmuir, Mt. Shasta

·       Mt. Shasta

·       Mt. Shasta

·       Dunsmuir, Mt. Shasta


Rack Cards

Craft Drinks

·       Dunsmuir Brewery Works - Dunsmuir

·       Northbound Coffee Roasters – Mt. Shasta

·       Sereni Tea – Mt. Shasta

·       Silk Road Chai Shop – Mt. Shasta

Dog-Friendly Hikes & Parks (& Restaurants)

  • Gray Butte Trail – Mt. Shasta

  • Castle Lake to Mt. Bradley Lookout – Mt. Shasta

  • Mt. Shasta City Park

  • Shastice Park – Mt. Shasta

  • Lake Siskiyou – Mt. Shasta

  • Great Shasta Rail Trail – Mt. Shasta

  • Dog Trail – Dunsmuir

  • Dunsmuir Botanical Gardens – Dunsmuir

  • Lily’s Restaurant – Mt. Shasta

  • Mt. Shasta Pastry – Mt. Shasta

  • Dos Geckos – Mt. Shasta

  • Dunsmuir Brewery Works – Dunsmuir

  • Cornerstone Café – Dunsmuir

  • The Wheelhouse – Dunsmuir

Scenic Drives

  • Castle Lake Road

  • Everett Memorial Highway

Family Adventure

  • Hedge Creek Falls – Dunsmuir

  • Dunsmuir Botanical Gardens – Dunsmuir

  • Dunsmuir Railroad Depot

  • Railroad Park Resort – Dunsmuir

  • Mt. Shasta Fish Hatchery – Mt. Shasta

  • Lake Siskiyou – Mt. Shasta

  • Siskiyou Ice Rink at Shastice Park – Mt. Shasta

  • Mt. Shasta Ski Park – Mt. Shasta

  • Snowman’s Hill – Mt. Shasta


  • Hedge Creek Falls – Dunsmuir

  • Sweetbriar Falls – Dunsmuir

  • Root Creek Falls – Castle Crags

  • Burstarse Falls – Castle Crags

  • Faery Falls – Mt. Shasta

Historic Hotspots

  • Mt. Shasta-Sisson Museum & Hatchery – Mt. Shasta

  • Downtown Dunsmuir

  • Dunsmuir Railroad Depot Museum – Dunsmuir

Siskiyou’s Sacred Spots (& Shops & Tours)

  • Mt. Shasta

  • Panther Meadow – Mt. Shasta

  • Ascension – Mt. Shasta

  • Lower Sand Flat – Mt. Shasta

  • Castle Lake and Heart Lake – Mt. Shasta

  • Shasta Abbey – Mt. Shasta

  • St. Germain Reading Room – Mt. Shasta

  • Mt. Shasta Gateway Peace Garden

  • Temple of Intention of Mt. Shasta

  • Mt. Shasta Arts & Healing Center

  • St. Anthony’s – Mt. Shasta

  • Castle Crags – Dunsmuir

  • Crystal Keepers – Mt. Shasta

  • Crystal Wings Bookstore – Mt. Shasta

  • Sacred Seed Crystals – Mt. Shasta

  • Shambhala Center – Mt. Shasta

  • Soul Connections – Mt. Shasta

  • The Crystal Room – Mt. Shasta

  • Silk Road Chai Shop – Mt. Shasta

  • Mt. Shasta Retreat (tour)

  • Shasta Vortex Adventures (tour)

  • Spiritual Tours (tour)

Fishing In Siskiyou

·       Upper Sacramento River

·       Lake Siskiyou

·       Gumboot Lake

·       Castle Lake

·       Upper Sacramento River

·       Ted Fay Fly Shop

·       Jack Trout Fly Fishing

·       Wild Waters Fly Fishing

·       Mt. Shasta Fish Hatchery

Summits of Siskiyou

·       China Mountain

·       Mount Eddy

·       Castle Dome

·       Mount Shasta

·       Ash Creek Butte

·       Shastina


Additional Benefits

·       Design of the Mt. Shasta Trail Challenge passport and ongoing in kind design support

·       Significant and monthly coverage in Discover  Active NorCal



·       Motorcycle rides through area will be supported and promoted in print and digital for rides featuring hotels and POI’s in ROADRUNNER app, as well as part of the feature “SHAMROCK TOUR” that promotes a week long stay in the region

·       Road Scholars – likely 4 trips coming to south county in 2020

Siskiyou Economic Development