Marketing Recap - County District 3

Here is a summary of marketing activities and collaborations from the 2018/19 Fiscal Year in Siskiyou County District 3:

District 3 activities & Partnerships




Weed Area

Print/Digital Advertising

·       Collier’s Kiosk poster featuring sculpture garden & Stewart Mineral Springs

·       $1,500 radio advertising in line with Collier’s “Choose Your Own Adventure Just off I5 Campaign”

·       “Shasta is Calling” Co-op Common Ground Magazine – (Stewart Mineral Springs):

·       Camp CA ad 2019 and 2020 featuring Hi-Lo

·       Periodic Coverage (both digital and video) in Active NorCal based on partnership agreement with Discover Siskiyou


Social Media Influencers

·       Josh McNair/CA Through My Lens – Living Memorial Sculpture Garden

·       Kate Loweth/Red Tricycle – Black Butte Center for Railroad Culture & Living Memorial Sculpture Garden

·       Additional 2 influencers placed at Hi-Lo in Weed


Video/Photo Asset Library

·       Photo and video clips including Bel Air Park, downtown, Bear Trail, Weed Sign, Carnevale, etc.

·       2 Siskiyou Snapshot Videos: A Perfect Day in Weed, Carnevale Promo



Recent Blogs featuring Weed area:













Rack Cards

Craft Drinks

·       Mt. Shasta Brewing Co. - Weed

·       Weed Coffee Roasting – Weed

Dog-Friendly Hikes & Parks (& Restaurants)

  • Hoy Park – Weed

  • Carrick Park – Weed

  • Bear Trail - Weed

  • Mt. Shasta Brewing Co. – Weed

  • McDonalds – Weed

Family Adventure

  • Living Memorial Sculpture Garden - Weed

  • Bel-Air Park - Weed


  • Whitney Falls – Weed

Historic Hotspots

  • Weed Historic Lumber Town Museum – Weed

Siskiyou’s Sacred Spots (& Shops & Tours)

  • Stewart Mineral Springs – Weed

  • Living Memorial Sculpture Garden – Weed

Summits of Siskiyou

  • The Whaleback

  • Black Butte


Social Media

·       Images from the region are featured on Discover Siskiyou’s Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter accounts regularly with links to relevant activities and lodging properties.


Major Upcoming

·       Will be home base of upcoming Caving Convention (National Speleological Society) in 2021 with as many as 1,000 attendees – working with COS on this

·       Motorcycle rides through area will be supported and promoted in print and digital for rides featuring hotels and POI’s in ROADRUNNER app, as well as part of the feature “SHAMROCK TOUR” that promotes a week long stay in the region

Siskiyou Economic Development