Marketing Recap - County District 4

Here is a summary of marketing activities and collaborations from the 2018/19 Fiscal Year in Siskiyou County District 4:

District 4 activities & Partnerships


Yreka Area

Print/Digital Advertising

·       Collier Advertising Kiosk

·       $1,500 Radio advertising in line with Collier’s “Choose Your Own Adventure Just off I5 Campaign”

·       $2,500 in kind support for Siskiyou Scenic Bicycle Tour, including paid digital advertising, radio coverage and press releases

·       Pinkbike Destination Showcase: coverage of Greenhorn Park/Humbug Trails in Destination Showcase for Pinkbike Magazine (with JMBA and Etna Taphouse)

·       Camp CA annual RV guide with Waiiaka RV and Blue Heron RV Park (Hornbrook)

Photo/Video Assets

·       Featured in three Siskiyou Snapshot videos: Mountain Biking around Siskiyou, Gold Rush Days, and Sportsman’s Expo (Chainsaw Carving)

·       Significant photo assets featured and available – including Greenhorn, Downtown Miner Street, Zephyr’s, and more

Social Media Influencers

·       Outdoor Writers Association of CA Conference: guided expeditions of outdoor writers to Shasta Valley Wildlife Area and Trout Lake

·       Three influencers based out of Yreka (staying at Baymont and Holiday Inn Express)

Added Benefits

·       Periodic Coverage in Active NorCal based on partnership agreement with Discover Siskiyou

·       Researched and negotiated an opportunity to have Yreka lodging represented as a local partner with the Oregon Shakespeare Festival (entitling them to discounted tickets for their hotel guests)

Recent Discover Siskiyou Blog Posts

·       Yreka

·       Shasta Valley



·       Yreka

·       SC Guide Service in Yreka

·       Yreka & Montague






Rack Cards

Craft Drinks

·     Etna Brewery & Taphouse – Yreka

Dog-Friendly Hikes & Parks (& Restaurants)

·     Greenhorn Park – Yreka

·     Yreka Creek Greenway

·     Jefferson’s Roadhouse – Yreka

Scenic Drives

·       Historic 99 Loop

·       253 Scenic Byway

Family Adventure

·       Franco-American Hotel – Yreka

·       Bella Art Works Creative Café – Yreka

·       Greenhorn Park – Yreka

·       Siskiyou County Museum – Yreka

·       Pluto’s Cave

Historic Hotspots

·       Siskiyou County Museum – Yreka

·       Historic Miner Street – Yreka

·       Montague Railroad Depot Museum – Montague

Siskiyou’s Sacred Spots

·       Pluto’s Cave

·       Nature’s Kitchen – Yreka

Fishing In Siskiyou

·       Trout Lake

·       RC Fishing Guides

·       Iron Gate Fish Hatchery

Summits of Siskiyou

·       The Goosenest


Social Media

·       Images from the region are featured on Discover Siskiyou’s Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter accounts regularly with links to relevant activities and lodging properties.


MAJOR UPCOMING – 2020  & 2021:

·       Confirmed for 2021: National caving conference in connection with COS that will potentially bring 1,000 people to Weed/Yreka area

·       Motorcycle rides through area will be supported and promoted in print and digital for rides featuring hotels and POI’s in ROADRUNNER app, as well as part of the feature “SHAMROCK TOUR” that promotes a week long stay in the region

·       Assistance with Siskiyou Revitalization Network (and likely design of SRN created itineraries)

Siskiyou Economic Development