Our community can give outdoor journalists something meaningful to share.  OWAC members will experience and report on our recreational opportunities, charm, natural beauty and historical background.


Discover Siskiyou is proud to announce that Siskiyou County has been selected as the destination for the Outdoor Writers Association of California (OWAC) 2019 Spring Conference, May 19-21st.



MAY 19-21, 2019

Trips and Tours 


Adventure-Brewery, Agritourism, Eat/Stay/Play, Caves, Fly Fishing, Hunting Zones, Kayaking, Kid Friendly Adventures, Land Conservation Tour, Leisure Waterfall Hike, Local Legends, Mountain Biking Trails, Mountain Lakes- Hike, Mountain Lakes- SUP, Museums/Gallery/Art, Star Gazing, Outdoor Rock Climbing, Pacific Crest Trail, Paragliding, Photography, Railroad Influences, Yoga/Spirituality/Soak Tour, Wildlife, Wildflowers, Wild and Scenic Rivers, White Water Rafting, and Other

Pre- and Post-Conference Tours

Touring before and after the conference provides attendees with opportunities for a true destination experience in Siskiyou County. Discover Siskiyou is planning pre-and post conference tours in the North, South, West and East parts of the county.

Your input can help us plan tours.

Local Adventure Ambassadors

Local Adventure Ambassadors, like you, can help lead trips on Monday, May 20th for attendees.


We Need You.

Local Adventure Ambassadors

We are seeking local ambassadors to lead themed outdoor experiences on Monday, May 20th, between 8am-4pm.

Swag Bags

We are seeking gear and items for conference swag bags, to welcome attendees to the conference. ie. Compass, Waterbottle, Gift Cards, ect.

Badge Benefits

We are seeking unique and discounted experiences that attendees can enjoy, by showing their conference badge. (gym access, rock wall access, yoga classes ect.)

Benefits to Siskiyou 

This is very beneficial to our region, and is made possible by the Siskiyou TBID.

Siskiyou is now among a list of distinguished conference hosts.

Editorial content, created here, can reach new audiences.

Hosting an OWAC conference is a marketing investment.

This is an exciting and fun conference for our community to facilitate.