Trade Shows + Conferences

Participating in trade shows provides an opportunity to get the Discover Siskiyou brand in front of qualified, targeted audiences. These events allow us to educate audiences as to where Siskiyou is located and what the destination offers visitors year-round. Shows currently on the radar for Discover Siskiyou target either consumers with a high propensity for travel, or journalists and bloggers looking to uncover new places to share with their audiences. 



Partnerships + Collaborations

Joining forces with like-minded brands helps Discover Siskiyou reach new audiences we may not have had exposure to. The ways in which the destination collaborates depends upon opportunities available, but expanding beyond the current network allows for continued growth and tourism to the destination. Currently, the TID partners with Visit California and a variety of social media influencers. This helps the brand reach a larger group of potential visitors. Other partnerships being considered for the future include adventure-forward brands and other organizations working toward common goals.

  • Visit CA
  • Rural Tourism Studios
  • Guest Bloggers

Media Relations

Using tactics such as media relations, social media and FAM tours, Discover Siskiyou can showcase all that the destination has to offer to those most likely to visit the region. This approach is storytelling at its finest. Through blogs, pitching journalists, connecting with adventure enthusiasts on social media, and hosting a variety of writers/influencers each season, we’re able to position the destination in the most positive way, educate our audiences and encourage overnight visitation year-round. 

  • FAM Tours
  • Social Media
  • Public Relations / Press Releases