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In Siskiyou, untamed adventure runs free, creating a unique opportunity to craft your own personal journey. A quest that begins as soon as you set foot in any of the four diverse regions that make up California’s North. Here you will find what you have been looking for – a place to truly connect with nature.

With four regions and four distinctive seasons, no two experience are alike. From the rolling hills of the north to the towering forests of the west, the volcanic beauty of the east to the spiritual mountains of the south your quest starts here. Point your compass to Siskiyou, California’s North, and take the first steps in a lifetime of adventure.


Quest 4 is the first official named marketing “campaign” of Discover Siskiyou that was launched in the fall of 2017.  The campaign plays off of the four unique regions that travelers can experience when visiting Siskiyou as well as the four distinctive seasons, driving visitors to the region year round.

The term “quest” refers to an adventurous expedition, the pursuit to find or obtain something, and is a nod to literature, where the object of a quest follows the hero, who embarks on an adventure, typically including much travel. The aspect of travel allows the storyteller to showcase exotic locations and cultures.

Messaging Conventions

  • A quest for adventure

  • A quest for rejuvenation

  • A quest for connection

  • A quest for the best fishing

  • A quest for a breathtaking view

  • A quest for the tastiest hamburger